Bodybuilding Workouts 2015

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I am in my mid twenties, got married two years ago and is blessed with a very beautiful two- year old daughter. I have been juggling family life and helping my husband managed his businesses. At first I was a little reluctant if I would want to go to the office daily because I felt guilty leaving my child at home with her nanny. I have this belief that I should be very hands- on like my own mother and that I should see to it that I am there to see first hand all the wonderful milestones she will achieve. But things got a little out of control in the office and my husband and I decided that it was best for me to go and work everyday to check everything that was happening. We had to compromise. My only condition is that whenever my daughter is awake in the morning I should be there and leave only when she is about to have her afternoon nap that usually lasts for two to three hours a day. By perfectly managing my time, I was able to please and help my husband with business concerns and at the same time not feel guilty for leaving my child everyday. Everything is going smoothly except for the fact that I have been too preoccupied with juggling my tasks as a wife, mother and businesswoman that I forgot to check up on myself. Don’t get me wrong because I am very healthy in terms of that fact that I don’t get sick too often. My only problem is I became too careless with how I looked like and totally forgot to take care of myself physically. I have gained thirty pounds since ten years ago. I don’t feel the confidence I have always felt before and its drowning my ego.

To solve this problem, my husband and I finally decided that it really is time to have a change in our lifestyle and get fit. We have been going to the gym for four consecutive weeks already from Monday until Saturday. We were introduced to bodybuilding workouts 2015 that are believed to help you lose weight. We were given programs that are suitable to our needs and will also help us reach our goals. I am eyeing to lose at least twenty pounds, remove the muffin top, flabby arms and legs and have a smaller tummy. My other half on the hand wants to make his tummy smaller and bulk his whole body up. After working out every morning, jogging in the afternoon and choosing healthier meals, I am very happy and proud to say that we are slowly but surely reaching our goals. Presently I lost ten pounds already while he lost fifteen. We both are firming up our muscles and have good endurance. We hope and pray that we stay fully committed in reaching our goals together that will not only make us feel good but also look good on the outside.