Getting Your Personal Training Business Onto Customer’S Lips

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If you’re running a fitness business of any sort, especially a personal fitness one, then having a sustained return client base is the key to success. Here’s some fitness marketing advice to make you think.

Social media dos and don’ts.

Most modern businesses make use of social media- but whether they make the right use of it is a totally different question. Ideally, your social media presences should be about your customers- how the business can help them, and what they would like it to do for them. There’s a fine line to tread between being too top-heavy with the marketing [which puts people off your site] and not socializing enough, which makes you seem impersonal and disinterested. Of course, there’s such a thing as socializing too much, too, and saying the wrong thing that make you sound like an untrustworthy fool they’d be stupid to spend their money with.

So how do I target the right people?

Good old fashioned marketing research still has a lot to say for itself. You need to have a clear idea of who your target audience is- you will market very differently to old and young markets, or weight-loss vs. fitness crowds- and what they do with themselves, both on and off the net.

Next, start considering what the topics related to your industry that you know best are. Couple them with a list or two of the problems specific to your target audience that you might be able to assist with, and you’re already a long way towards the right direction. Next, decide if you’re happy writing or acting for the camera. Blogs and video blogging on sites like you tube are both legitimate modern strategies, but which you’re more comfortable with will depend on you.

Now, you’re in the empowered position to start taking those areas you’ve already identified, and making them work for you. Try to aim for articles or info-bites that address problems in your target audience. Think outside the box- it’s not just about fitness, it’s also about helping people use those services and incorporate them into their life. So, for example, if you’ve got a target audience who’re prone to being misled by their partners away from a fit lifestyle, talk about how to find a workout buddy.

Remember that images always attract attention in articles, but also remember that you can’t use just any image you find. Images should be ‘royalty free’ before you can use them commercially.

What else can you do?

The question with modern social media is actually what can’t you do! Besides writing informative bites that people will enjoy and find helpful, try reaching out in other ways. Why not post a series of short how to’s on a video site? Or discuss common form problems in an exercise? Whatever you do, make certain that your online presences are connected to each other- people should be able to find your Facebook from your website to your YouTube easily and coherently.

Using social media can seem overwhelming, but it can be a powerful marketing tool in the right hands.