Yoga For Moms And Teenage Daughters

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When you hear about yoga for moms, the focus tends to be on the mothers of toddler age kiddies. While yoga is, of course, a great way to de-stress and rebalance for this group, there’s another group of mom’s who have a lot to gain from a peaceful yoga practice- the moms of teenagers. Especially teenage girls.

It’s inescapable. No matter how good your relationship with your child is, the tumultuous teenage years will bring about change- and for a while you’ll be a person who’s simply embarrassing, annoying and in the way. Yoga can be instrumental in helping you through this difficult phase.

Why do teenagers get awkward?

It’s difficult to know exactly why the awkward phase of adolescence brings with it rebellion, but we can’ deny it does. Peer pressure, questionable decisions, still growing minds, forming opinions, an eagerness to define your own life as an adult and the very human urge to push back when pushed in a certain direction all contribute. Girls begin to feel the need to be different from their mothers. Finding the right way to nourish and support their evolution into adulthood, while guiding them on the path, is a delicate balancing act. How can yoga for moms and daughters help this out in 2016?

Spending time together, of course, is a major benefit to yoga with your daughter. Having some bonding time each week can be vital to maintain a healthy relationship. It may be hard to get your daughter on board- some bribery may be needed- but simply by spending nonjudgmental time in each other’s company you can create the space for meaningful dialogue and relationship building. It will help your daughter know that you are interested in her, and reinforce to her that you are there for her.

Yoga aids teenage minds.

The practice of yoga itself holds massive benefits for teenagers, too. Teenagers report less stress and better coping skills, while parents report improved school marks and self-esteem as well as a reduction in body-image issues in teenagers with a regular practice. It, of course, isn’t magically going to upgrade a mediocre student to class genius or reform them into a complete angel, but it will help them consciously define their own morals and lend them some options to navigate the sticky corridors of teenage existence. Any physical activity is a chance to blow off steam.

Remember that the very practice of yoga encourages release in both the physical body and the mental sphere. You sit with your thoughts, free from screens and distractions. It’s possible to explore the self. Practicing together, both you and your daughter will have an opportunity to nourish and care for your inner selves and boost your own growth and self-development. Self-reflection is invaluable.

Yoga teaches acceptance, positivity and an open path to communication that can be vital for parents and children struggling to communicate with each other. Remember this is yoga for moms 2016, a place where mommy yoga isn’t just about little ones, but the growing adults you are nurturing at home too.